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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  December 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PST

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>> we're live in san jose where a truck smashes into an apartment complex where young children are sleeping. we'll tell you how the kids are doing and tell you what happened to the driver. when we saw the people running, i mean, a flood of people running, we knew -- people are being shot. >> a holiday nightmare in oregon. a gunman opens fire in a mall full of shoppers. what we've learned about a possible motive. the san mateo bridge has slow traffic. i will tell you what happened and what the chp did that might improve the situation. and overnight news from san francisco. what police officers did that may have saved a newborn baby's
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life. "mornings on 2" begins right now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, december 12th. we're following developing news in san jose. just hours ago, a pickup truck slammed into an apartment building where children were sleeping. ktvu's janine de la vega is in san jose and spoke to the children's father. good morning, janine. >> reporter: the father told me his family has not slept much but any are breathing a sigh of relief. their little girl was just brought home from the hospital. this is after a truck ran off the road. you can see where the tire marks are here and it ran off the road and plowed down a fence there and smashed into a bedroom. police say the driver of the truck traveling eastbound on taylor veered into oncoming traffic and crashed into an apartment at the villa apartments on 23rd street.
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now, here's a look at the damage inside. the truck crashed into a room where an 8-year-old boy was sleeping and then a room where a 2-year-old girl was screaming. >> my baby's mother has a lot of scars because of the glass. but fortunately, my baby was no hit with no glass or anything. so she doesn't have any really physical damage but she did hit the dresser really hard. >> reporter: this is 2-year-old nalia. she didn't have a scratch on her and is doing okay. police say the driver of the truck tried to escape but he was cornered by fire trucks and neighbors. the suspect is identified as 21- year-old justin. they believe he was drunk. he was arrest for dui and they also arrested him for hit and
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you run. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:03. new details coming in now about yesterday afternoon's shooting inside a shopping mall near portland, oregon. tara moriarty has more on the victims, the chaos and the shooter. tara? >> well, this is apparently a random attack. according to sheriff deputies more people would have been killed if it weren't for the shooter's gun getting jammed. witnesses described him as methodical, walk, not running, taking his time trying to pick on his victims -- pick up his victims. we have cell phone video from the cla ka mass town center -- clackamas town center. he was wearing camouflage and a hockey mask was carrying an assault rifle. two people were killed. one, badly hurt. someone said he announced, i'm the shooter, in between shots. >> i think it was an open mall
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massacre. that's the best way to describe it. i don't know what he was going through. i know he came in their on a mission. he ran in their fast. >> reporter: now, law enforcement officers say they did not fire any shots during the ordeal and the shooter took his own life. investigators have tentatively identified the shooter believed to in his early 20s but they are not releasing his name until they get confirmation. as investigators search for clues, the motive may never be known. later, today they will announce the identities of the victims. the survivor has been identified as 15-year-old christina, a family friend tweeted she was shot in the upper chest and remains in serious condition. the mall will remain closed today. we'll bring you live updates throughout the morning as we get them. $5,000 is being offered as
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a reward this morning to catch the person who attacked a campus police officer at diablo valley college. last week, officer gains was hit in the face by a metal object. she was taken to the hospital but later went back to the campus to help search for that attacker. police think this attack was a targeted attack. so far, no suspects in the case. 7:05. overnight the bay area's fleet of cab fishing boats went back to work. cab boats stayed tied to the docks for a week after whole sailers dropped their price for fresh crab. before thanksgiving, brokers paid $3 a pound. but after the holiday, they say demand fell off. so they dropped the price by as much as 50 cents. brokers say more people are ordering crab for christmas. so prices are back up to $3. some captains expect to be back with fresh crab late tonight. in overnight news, look at this. a car slammed into an oakland
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fire hydrant and water shot high in the air. it happened at 5th and embarcadero. the car headed to jack london square, leaving this mess we hind -- behind. sal, how are we looking? >> well, it's a little bit slow because of the wet weather we're having and the traffic is gonna be slower than usual. just a little bit. let's take a look at what we have westbound bay bridge. that's backed up for about a 20- minute delay. carpool lanes are moving well once you make it on the bridge. it's fine. it looks like the pavement has dried off. if you are driving into san francisco, northbound 101 traffic looks good on the left -- on the left-hand side there. so does southbound 101 heading down to the peninsula heading to the airport. if you are driving down the peninsula to redwood city, it's a nice drive. across the bay, we have slow traffic from 238 on down and in
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the santa clara valley we've had slow traffic and the 85 already. 7:07. let's go to -- let's go to steve. this is a colder pattern. this may last a while. 7, 10, 15 day -- 15 days. there's a pattern with stronger systems coming in. christmas week could be kind of rainy and snowy as well. i almost had to choke there for a second. i'm okay now. coming down from cape mendocino there could be some snow. we need that because the snow level was way too high. but that's changing. there's not a lot of life with the system. heard from steve bridges up in the keys, 2 inches at lake level. it will be more of a powdery. you can see some scattered showers around, nothing widespread or anything. just kind of -- there was some
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towards orinda, san rafael, berkeley, emeryville, san mateo, redwood city, heading over towards the hayward side. also along highway 1 towards woodside, skyline, 84. san gregoireia and then towards the santa cruz mountains. there's been some around san jose. we'll keep an eye on that. 37 santa rosa. 44 napa. these continues will continue to drop. still nom so 50s -- still some 50s. this is a very fast-moving pattern, and it can be -- this is one of those ones, sometimes you can look out and say you got a good handle on it, two, three, four days down the road. this one is 12 hours. we have to keep it updated. there are some breaks. but the big story continues to be the cold air and pattern. colder and breezy. if we can get enough moisture, especially later tonight, coldest air does not arrive until late tonight or tomorrow
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morning. we might get some snow to the 3500-foot level. cooler towards the inland areas. it will be this way for a while. i think cold, breezy, windy at times, thursday into friday and then increasing clouds friday. late rain and snow in the mountains. that system will be stronger. >> all right. thank you, steve. a new whack prison psychiatrist who -- new arc prison psychiatrist who -- newark prison psychiatrist, dr. mohammed sofi, learned more than $800,000 while working at a monterey county, state prison. over that of did -- over half of that was for stand-by work. he's now suspended with pay. facebook is rolling out a gift-giving application called facebook gifts. just in time for the holidays.
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the gifts are mainly geared toward food, drinks and sweets. more than a dozen winemakers are offering wines on facebook. you can also make charitable contributions in someone's name. all you need is facebook. you can search gifts in the search bar or visit a friend's time line where they will be fronted to the gift's busten -- will be prompted to the gift's button. look at the date. 12/12/12. some of the biggest names in music like the rolling stones and bruce springsteen will be performing a concert in new york's madison square garden. that's for victims of hurricane sandy. this is the last time we we'll see a sequential day, month and year in our lifetime. the next time will be 98 years from now, in the year 2110 on
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10/10/10. we want to mention quickly that the accident on the san mateo bridge sal was telling us about is clear now. i'm looking at our traffic report t looks a little slow in the westbound -- report. it looks a little slow in the westbound direction. was it justified? the man accused of pushing another man in the path of a subway? he may have an explanation. and all of the squid beaching themselves on the coast in santa cruz. it's time to change the way we clean.
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some scattered showers out there. colder out there. highs today, only in the 50s. 7:13.
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an attorney for the man charged with pushing another man onto a subway track right in front of an approaching train in new york city says his client's actions might be justified. the attorney for naeem davis says news articles about the witness have cited witnesses saying the man who died smelled of alcohol and was staggering and falling davis. the attorney says it appears davis pushed the man to get away from him but unfortunately, pushed too hard and the man fell off the platform. davis is charged with second- degree murder. in oklahoma police have made an arrest after two pipe bomb incidents. just a day earlier, police found and disabled two pipe bombs that were found under a truck at an oklahoma city trucking company. police don't think the incidents are random but they are still investigating a motive. just about 7:15.
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well, the united states and its allies meet today with the u.n. security council because north korea launched a long-range rocket. as allison turns reports, the united nations may impose -- burns reports, the unitedmations -- united -- the u nateed -- the united nations may impose a penalty. alison? >> reporter: options are limited. it looks like the people in nouk were celebrating after the -- in north korea were celebrating after the country launched a long-range rocket. the u.s. confirms is in orbit. the u.s. and its allies believe this is a way for north korea to test its long-range ballistic miss ill technology. some believe that kim young un
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is using this as a way to show he's a rival to the united states. a spokesperson says there will be a closed-door meeting on this and how to respond. cancer surgery is over for hugo cav -- hugo chavez. doctors say he had an operation treating aggressive cancer. it was announced on saturday that the vice president should take over if he becomes incapacitated. this is the fourth cancer surgery for chavez since 2011. new reports from london say the nurse who took her own life after being tricked in that royal prank phone call about the duchess of cambridge did leave a suicide note. the london evening standard reports 46-year-old jacintha saldanha wrote a message to her
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family before she died. the contents of the note have not been revealed. jacintha saldanha transferred the prank call made by an australian radio show. she was found several days later in the hospital's nurses' quarters. the duchess was in the hospital due to severe morning sickness. apparently she's still not feeling well. she canceled a scheduled appearance tonight at the premere at the hobbit. jenna bush announced she and her husband are expecting their first child. she's the daughter of george w. bush. hager-bush said her parents are thrilled. a san francisco supervisor wants more community input before the city approves major events in public works. john avalos is requiring special informational hearings for any event that would occupy 25% of a park and run for 48
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hours. back in october, he criticized the "do tour" a skateboarding, motorcycle event for shutting down civic center plaza for weeks. well, apple and sum sung are due to meet in a san jose courtroom again this afternoon. a judge ruled some of these devices can be included in the continuing pattern infringement fight. dash patent -- continuing patent infringement fight. scientists may be able to explain why several squid have washed ashore. researchers speculate the squids' food supply may have been contaminated by an algae bloom
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the future is in doubt for a problem pooch in san francisco. back in august, charlie, the dog, bit a park police horse at crissy field. the owner is vowing to fight a judge's decision late monday night ordering that charlie be put down. the examiner reports that back in june, the same dog lunged at and tried to bite a person. police say rehabilitating charlie is not likely. 7:19. the san francisco giants are making bay area children happy for the holidays. giants held their annual holiday party. it was right there at at&t park. it was for families from homeless shelters and programs for. needy. santa claus was there, passing out gifts. he had some help from that guy, sergio romo. >> i don't have the funds to give my kids what they want for
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christmas. so i come to parties. >> the children had a great time. a lot of them retreated to face painting and a lot of them had pizza too. we've posted more on the giants' holiday party, including, we have an interview with sergio romo as well. you will find it under the hot topics section. 7:20. well, we have some showers around the bay area this morning. what you are really going to notice the chilly temperatures. steve paulson says he may be surprised how long this weather pattern will last. the little who owns that little monkey there. the one who was wondering around an ikea, she's talking about it. san mateo still busy. we'll tell you why the traffic is likely to remain this slow for a while. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent.
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monkey, the one found wandering around a parking lot in canada is fighting to get her monkey back. she said she would be open to allowing the monkey to stay at a sanctuary if she knew it would was being treated well but she knows the monkey wants to live with her. >> i believe he needs me. >> now, the police were called to a toronto ikea store on sunday. that monkey escaped from a crate in its owner's car. we saw the picture all over the internet, the monkey strolling around in that coat and it went viral on -- virallal on social media. lindsay lohan could soon return to jail. today in los angeles she will be arraigned on misdemeanor charges for lying to police and driving recklessly when she slammed a porsche in a dump truck in june. she's on probation for keeping a necklace without permission last year. a judge could provoke her
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probation and send her back behind bars. want to check in with sal and see what's happening on the san mateo bridge. you can see how close it is. now the dumbarton and bay bridge could be alternates for you. the traffic is really at a standstill. it is worse than it was even when the accident was on the bridge. let's move along and take a look at 880 northbound in case you are trying to get up to the bay bridge. it's not all that bad at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for a 20-minute delay. as we look at the santa clara valley, northbound 101 and 80 are slow. these are more traditional slowdowns, nothing ousts -- out
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of the ordinary. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. the cold air is on its way. i'm not telling -- this pattern may be with us for a while. all the way into christmas week and beyond. the system coming by today is not doing too much rainwise. some snow up in the sierra. the better news, the lower snow level. these are showers. 99 times out of 100, i will say rain. but these are showers. because some areas have stars, some rain. clayton, blackhawk, walnut creek, concord. back over towards the peninsula. redwood city, portola valley, a stronger cell, also into palo alto, back along the coast, san gregoireia, highway 1, 84, skyline, santa cruz mountains. it looks like some of that is starting to get towards boulder creek. los altos pills -- hims to --
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loss ale toes hills to you can -- los altos hills to cue per -- to cupertino. warmest temperatures will be along the coast and the bay. have to keep an eye on things. one thing that you have to be careful of, these systems coming in can split. they can go over water and right over us. another strange development surrounding john mcafee and his efforts to avoid a police probe in belize. why he's being reese leased in guatemala and may be back here in the u.s. >> reporter: this morning, san francisco being credited with saving a newborn baby. that baby was born on the streets just hours ago. it's been an issue here in
7:28 am
concord for a long time. but we'll tell you why the city is considering banning outside marijuana growth.
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a baby has been rushed to the hospital after a woman gave birth on the street. claudine wong is live with information on how emergency responders may have saved the
7:31 am
baby's life. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. that baby is at the hospital. we're at the bayview police station. this is where the investigation is being handled. still, a lot of information yet to be learned. what we can tell you is that san francisco police officers from this station responded to the scene and two officers becreditted with saving this baby's life. one driving to the hospital while the other was performing cpr. let's take you back to the scene so we can go through what happened. it was all about 2:00 this morning when this woman apparently gave birth on a san francisco street. she went to a shelter that was in a nearby church for help on third and mckenan. we talked to the man who works inside. he said she was there when -- he was shear when she came inside looking for help -- he said he was there when she came in looking for help. >> she was trying -- looked
7:32 am
like she was -- looked like she was beaten up, covered in blood. she said she had a baby -- just had a baby. gy for help and call police --gy for help and call police. >> reporter: he said -- i go for help and call police. >> reporter: he said he saw a man holding the baby in miss arms and that's about the time that the police officers arrived on the scene. they were able to transfer the baby to the hospital. we're told the baby boy is alive. we're not sure on his exact condition. we're hoping to get more information from the police. the mother in the hospital, we still don't know her identity. that's all information we're trying to get for you. we'll check back in later in on
7:33 am
"mornings on 2." live here in san francisco, claudine wong, "mornings on 2". >> thank you, claudine. there was more violence in oakland. around 8:40, rushed to hawkins drive. when officers arrived, they found a man dead. police have not released his identity bacalled for a translator because the -- but called for a translator because the victim's family is asian. and then a woman was wounded in west oakland. she's listed in stable condition. and in north oakland, a man was found in the 400 block of 60th street. police say the victim has been uncop rative. no -- uncooperative. no arrests in any of these cases. a fire started inside a four-unit building on kenwall road around 10:30, the -- 10:30. everybody made it out safely no
7:34 am
with no -- with no injuries. a controversy in concord where neighbors are fighting neighbors. the city is closer to banning some outdoor marijuana growing operations. brian flores is in concord right now with the details about what happened last night. brian? >> reporter: well, dave, the issue of people outdoor marijuana growths has been a contentious one. but the issue may be -- the city may be banning them very soon. >> i will declare you out of cord if you continue. you've had your -- order, if you continue. you've had your time. >> i don't think i have had my time. >> reporter: tensions were high as the council decided to move the issue forward to the city attorney. this ordinance would ban legal marijuana outdoor gross and force them inside.
7:35 am
some say the grows should be moved inside. >> by putting in in -- by putting it inside, you are allowing that person to come into your house and threaten that family. if you are sleeping at night, and someone comes in and -- who gets hurt? >> you get worried that someone is gonna come with a gun and that's the worst-case scenario. >> reporter: after hearing both sides, the issue lies with the city's legal department who will draft legislation. that's expected to limit -- to be limited and this will only be enforce the if a neighbor complain -- enforced if a neighbor complains. brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:34. in michigan, unions want to recall the governor after he pushed through two "right to work" laws.
7:36 am
[. >> we are michigan! >> reporter: she is union members tried to storm the skate capitol yesterday. but the state police in riot gear, they blocked them. the republican-dominated house ignored democrats who wanted to delay passing those law us. it was passed through a lame- duck session. >> i don't see a need to have a public signing ceremony to overemphasize it. this is about us being michigan people. >> the state of michigan now becomes the 24th right to work state in america. it prevents unions from requiring private or public sector workers to pay dues. just about 20 minutes ago, house speaker john boehner talked about a private phone
7:37 am
conversation he had with president obama last night about that fiscal cliff situation. >> there were some offers that were exchanged back and forth yesterday. you know, the president and i had a pretty frank conversation about just how far apart we are. >> now, coming up for you at 7:45, political analysts jamie dupree will tell us about the two words we are not hearing in the fiscal cliff negotiations. 7:36. software company founder john mcafee could soon return to the united states. his attorney says a guatemala judge has ruled that mcafee adetention in that country is illegal and he could be released as soon as today. mcafee was detained in guatemala last week after entering the country illegally to avoid police in belize who wanted to question mack afy about the fatal shooting of his neighbor. mca -- mcafee has said he wishes to return to the u.s. so he can live in peace.
7:38 am
continuing coverage on the shooting in portland, oregon. here's more. >> reporter: good morning, tori. the mall here is closed at this point while police continue their investigation and what motivated this young man to come in yesterday in a crowded mall, people were christmas shopping. we have video -- video. we can show you aerial as police converged on this location. witnesses describe him wearing a hockey style mask, dark cam mow, body armor as -- dark camo, body armor. witnesses say he walked into the macy's and then two people were killed. a sheriff told us at a press conference that the shooter died of a self-inflicted
7:39 am
gunshot wound. no officer or deputy ever fired a shot out here. there were about 10,000 people at the mall, many of them doing their christmas shopping. we heard about terrifying accounts of ducking for cover. one man telling us he was in the food court, tried to get two elderly women to safety as he heard gunshot ricocheting off pillars. the investigation today will county. there is a press conference at 10:00 this morning where we're hoping to get more information are -- more information from the sheriff. they say they've tentatively identified him but they've not released his name to the press. they are telling us that he's in his early 20s. our than that, no information and because -- other than that, no information and because he did kill himself, the motive at this point -- investigators are gonna have to talk to his families and friends kind of
7:40 am
backtrack to see what caused him to open fire. again, the two people dead, the shooter also dead and one woman injured. back to you, tori. >> thank you, nicole. the mall, obviously, will be staying closed today. >> sure. >> and obviously a hit for him with the holiday season. we'll stay on top of that and bring you more developments as we get them. 7:39. let's check in with sal. you are watching the bridges an roads. how are they looking? >> it's a little bit slow out there. we've had a couple problems. we'll start with the contra costa county. we've had some slow traffic. bay point looks good. it's slow in antitook and also in 680 heading from concord to walnut creek. let's talk about the bay bridge because that's been busy and slow for about a 25-minute delay. it's not the worst it's been but it is definitely slow. i put a big arrow on the san mateo bridge commute. you can see -- you can see traffic there is recovering
7:41 am
from an earlier problem. let's go to steve. >> let's go to steve. a few breaks in the clouds, shower activity, cold pattern here. this was the first one of what looks to be many coming in. it looks like a very fast- moving pattern, very active. sun and clouds, cold and breezy. the coldest air comes in tomorrow morning. the extended, a cold pattern, series of fronts. i'm seeing this out to the 22nd of december. if the pattern is right, kind of a colder pattern, this will be good for the mountains. snow. there's usually not a lot of rain associated with this pattern. but there are hints of this and also into christmas week. there's some light rain around. it's been out towards concord and livermore and altamont pass. a little bit stronger towards sunnyvale, palo alto on 280.
7:42 am
101 back to saratoga. nothing too outrageous. there was a little bit of rain on the dumbarton. you can see on the new whack side and -- the new arc side -- newark. there's not a lot here. you can seat the cold air -- you can see the cold air coming in. the temperatures will rise. systems coming in, i mean, really fast-moving. we have to keep an eye on those. they are about 12-hour forecasts. 50s on the temperatures. very cool pattern for a while. chilly breezy. more possibility of rain and showers. i would say near the coast and then cool, breezy. one more system late saturday into sunday. this current pattern here. >> thank you, steve. 19 minutes before 8:00. a minor shakeup on the nasdaq. what does this mean for the
7:43 am
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right now the markets are mixed. the dow is currently up 9. the nasdaq is down slightly, down about half a point and s&p is up 1. facebook has a new status on the nasdaq this morning. it's now part of the nasdaq 100 which tracks the 100 biggest non-financial companies on the exchange. it is the 23rd largest component of that index. facebook's addition to the index was not a surprised since
7:46 am
it is valued at $64 billion. 7:45. the ceo of yahoo!, her ris saw meyer, has put her own touch on yahoo! e-mail service. it has a -- her ris saw meyer has put her -- merissa meyer has put her own touch on the yahoo e-mail service. she created the g mail when she worked at yahoo. last september, twitter rolled out a redesign that featured header photos which users could use to use. today you will automatically get the portion that chooses the header. twitter is helping users who don't know how to upload a photo with a how-to video.
7:47 am
it is 7:46. just about 20 minutes ago, house speaker john boehner said he and president obama remain very far apart in the fiscal cliff negotiations. political reporter jamie dupree joins us via skype from washington, d.c. you said there's two words we are not likely to hear and we haven't heard in any of this fiscal cliff debate. >> reporter: yeah, balanced budget. in all of the talks we've heard about the fiscal cliff, we've heard about balance and new tax revenue. but we don't hear balanced a budget. i think -- balanced budget. i think this speaks to how bad the situation is in the federal government when both parties don'tage knowledge that. as for -- don't acknowledge that. as for what's going on, just downstairs from me, speaker boehner started throwing cold water on any report that the
7:48 am
talks were moving ahead. yes, there have been an exchange of offers. he said the last couple of days, but he said his phone call last night was a frank discussion about just how far apart they are. with 19 days left until the deadline or nine days until the end of the world, if you are look at the mine cardinal, nobody knows which way -- calendar, nobody knows which way we are headed. >> isn't this part of the we're so far apart publicly. but suddenly, they will announce miraculously they've reached a deal? >> reporter: i think for those of us here trying to cover us, it's the hardest thing to try to figure out since you are not et going the inside part of this. how much of this is show and how much is real? i think that's the hardest thing to decipher right now.
7:49 am
you are right. behind the scenes there's a lot of work going on. but we seem to be at logger heads over the issue of spending. i think the republicans have sort of resigned themselves to the thought that they are go in accept some revenue. they would like to see some hard and fast budget cuts. they don't think the democrats will do that. if we go back to 1982, 1986, maybe 1990 and some of the budget deals that have been signed along the way, republicans feel like each time that they agreed to higher taxes and the democrats agreed to budget cuts and the budget cuts never happened. >> so i believe congress is about to go on a holiday break. any chance that will be delayed to -- >> reporter: the speaker told the rank and file a few minutes ago, not to make any plans and to basically be here until christmas or new year's. i think there's a lot of people here -- i took most of my vacation beforehand, as a lot of my colleagues did, thinking full well that we'll be running
7:50 am
around the halls here for the next couple of weeks. nobody knows. if we're still doing this next week, we're almost assured to be here between christmas and new year's because it will take that long to write in any deal they will ultimately reach. >> thank you, jamie. you can find a link to jamie's washington insider blog on our website. go to pull down the news menu bar and go to our politics page. 7:49. gas prices keep going down here in the bay area. in fact, the highest price for a gallon of regular is in san francisco. it's $3.69, down 2 cents since yesterday. the prices in oakland, san jose and santa rosa, they are about $3.55. prices have dropped more than a dollar a gallon in the past two months. money concerns are affecting holiday season plans. the new survey by trip advisers
7:51 am
shows almost all of the -- almost half of the people surveyed plan to be home for the holidays. that's up from 3% last year. 42 plan to spend more this year -- 42% plan to spend more this year. president obama says the syrian on mow sigs council is now inclusive enough to be granted more legitimacy in the international -- opposition council is now inclusive enough to be granted more legitimacy in the international issues. president obama will decide how many troops will stay in afghanistan after the combat mission ends in december 2014. panetta did not give any details about the options that president obama is considering. but other reports have indicated between 6,000 and 10,000 troops would likely
7:52 am
remain in afghanistan to focus on counterterrorism and to advise afghan security forces. 7:51. new details about the death of singer jenni rivera. what we now know about the tragic plane crash that took her life. and why couples will be rushing to get married today. maybe with a dancing elvis all over the world.
7:53 am
7:54 am
a big rig making an illegal u-turn in that heavy fog. it led to a major crash near davis. officials say a car crashed into the big rig as it was making that u-turn. shortly after that, another truck drove up on the scene but the driver could not see anything because of all of the fog. he swerved to avoid the crash and spilled cargo on the road. one ramp was closed while the
7:55 am
crews cleared that scene. 7:54. we're learning more about the plane crash that killed popular mexican singer, jenni rivera. investigators say the learjet carrying jenni rivera and six other people nose dived for more than 28,000 feet. it hit the ground at a speed of more than 600 miles per hour. the plane's wreckage was discovered in northern mexico on sun. authorities think they've foundup's remains but they are waiting for dna tests to confirm that. it could take weeks for investigators -- investigators to know why the plane went down. the lights are working gun on the bay bridge. an electrical problem caused the lights to go out around 7:30 hast night. a main circuit breaker tripped and the lights were back on at 9:00 last night. today is the day a lot of couples in love have been the waiting for. thousands of couples plan to get married on 12/12/12. in the bay area, 12 couples
7:56 am
will get married at city hall and doctors expect to see more cesarean sections scheduled for this date. if you didn't get your plans together, there's another date you can choose from 12/12/13 -- 11/12/13. >> just 11 months away. >> yes. let's check in with sal. how -- how are things? >> we've had some pretty big problems out there. let's start out with a look at the san mateo bridge. it's going to be very slow as you drive through the peninsula. since we tilt down to the south bay, we've had a slot of -- a lot of slow traffic on 101 getting in from palo alto and also from redwood city. it's been kind of a tough drive. look at the livermore valley,
7:57 am
that's not been all that bad. once you get to the hayward area, 880 southbound and northbound is kind of a mess there. let's go to live pictures. i want to show you san francisco, a little bit of sunshine there. northbound 101 looks good approaching the 80 split. if you are trying -- trying to get into san francisco from the bay bridge, that's about a 25- minute delay. let's go to steve. sun, cloud, showers, cool, breezy. take your pick. it will all be with us until friday probably. there are breaks. weak system rainwise. there's showers out there but not a big deal. there's mix precip there. livermore hills. that's a sign of maybe things to come. a low snow level. sanford, cupertino. there was on the hayward union city fremont side of the dumbo and also the san mateo bridge. santa cruz, capitola, picking up some rain. 36, santa rosa. that's been going on all
7:58 am
morning long. a lot of cold air coming down off the gulf of alaska. it will be here for a while. the warmest temperatures will be chose -- will be close to the water's edge. there will be cumulus clouds you building up. chilly breezy. terrified holiday shoppers in oregon ran from a gunman in a shopping mall shooting near portland. >> he came there on a mission. >> what we now know about the shooter and his victims in that deadly rampage. >> reporter: frightening moments for a -- for a san jose family. we'll tell you how the kids are doing and what happened to that driver. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
7:59 am
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a san jose man is in custody.
8:01 am
his truck slammed into an apartment building. there were children inside. janine de la vega is in san jose. >> reporter: you can see where this truck came barreling in and took down the chain-link fence. police say the driver of this traveling eastbound on taylor veered into oncoming traffic and crashed into an apartment at the villa apartments.
8:02 am
>> the politics everybody came. >> he was driving drunk. that's what the police said. >> it just wasn't cool. i'm still in shock. i'm still shaking. >> reporter: the 2-year-old was taken to the hospital and released. she didn't have a scratch on her and is doing okay. the driver of the truck is joseph austin of san jose. police have arrested him. police say one witness that he was driving more like 70 miles an hour over the speed limit. they are continuing to investigate. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:01. san jose police have arrest -- are now investigating their 44th homicide case of the year. that's the highest death toll in the city in more than 20
8:03 am
years. at about 3:00 yesterday afternoon, police were called to fairhaven drive after getting reports of a car crash. when police arrived, they found a truck on the sidewalk and a teenager lying in the street. >> if i could sum this crime scene up in one -- there are a lot of angles. a lot of pieces need to be put together. >> so far no arrests have been made. antoe lin garcia-torres -- antolin garcia-torres faces kidnapping charges in the parking lot of safeway stores in morgan hill. he's expected to enter a plea to the murder and kidnapping
8:04 am
charges in the sierra lamar case. it later this morning, a court arraignment is scheduled for a fairfield man accused of killing vallejo police officer james capoot. want to show you some photos taken last month. this is when the suspect was taken in. it's official now, four fire stations in contra costa county will close in the coming
8:05 am
weeks. a transformer fire knocked out power to more than 4800 customers. 8:04. happening now, a new low cost bus service is up and running here in the bay area. in fact, two hours ago, the first megabus took off from san francisco, heading to los angeles. now, the company offers bus fairs as low as a dollar to go
8:06 am
to sacramento. the company briefly operated in california back in 2007. >> 8:05. let's check in with sal, see what's happening on the roads. milpitas, 237. >> a lot of people trying to get in the valley. we had an earlier accident in palo alto, redwood city, all the way up to sunnyvale, it's slow. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza.
8:07 am
slightly different view, from the toll plaza parking lot. you can see it's very crowded except for the cars immediately in the foreground. those are the carpoolers. a lot of those casual carpoolers getting through with significantly less of a dally. you might want to consider that in you haven't hardly. moving along and taking a look at the nimitz freeway. 880 south as you drive from especially 92. let's go to steve. some snow up in the sierra nevada. not a lot. but at least the snow level is much, much lower. today, colder and breezy.
8:08 am
scattered showers but cold highs. in the 50s. santa cruz mountains there's been some snow. 30s and 40s. the wind is out of the northwest. that's the first of what could be many in a series of systems coming out of the north. for us there could be stronger systems as we head toward next week. mainly cold and breezy.
8:09 am
some pretty good cloud buildups. we'll see systems coming down and then kind of splitting. that makes me nervous. they can go parallel to the close. have to keep a close eye on this forecast. this is about a 12-hour forecast. >> thank you, steve. we now want to updating our continuing coverage of the oregon mall shooting. three people, including the gunman, are dead. a 15-year-old girl shot in the chest remains in serious condition. you are looking at aerial photos taken of the mall. tara moriarty is in the
8:10 am
newsroom. >> this is cell phone video of deputies. witnesses say the shooter caring camouflage, a bulletproof vest and a hockey mask was firing an assault rife. two people were killed in the rampage. a teenaged girl -- >> oh, my god. it sounded like a gunman. people were scattering and running everywhere. >> this is fresh air ria video we got in -- aerial video we got in. law enforcement did not find any shots during the ordeal. at least 100 officers were on scene and they say that as well as the fact that the shooter's gun got jammed may have help the save more lives. >> we have tentatively
8:11 am
identified the shooter at this time. we'll not release his name or any other information other than he's an adult male until we have 100% confirmed that identity. >> now, the sheriff's office has announced that it will hold a press conference in two hours. we're expecting to learn the identities of the victims. we have the identity of the survivor. christina has undergone surgery for a wound in the chest. she's listed in stable but serious condition. and we'll have a live update coming up at noon. back to you. >> all right. thank you, tara. san francisco police have arrested five people including four women in connection to a homicide in which the victims were found bound, goinged and left for dead in a residential san francisco street. the victims, 26-year-old steven reed and a woman in her late
8:12 am
teens were discovered on brussels street. reed died. the woman is in critical condition. yesterday investigators arrested two people on murder charges. three other people face counts of accessory to murder. >> the motive is unknown -- 1 unknown -- is unknown. >> investigators will not discuss where the victims were attacked or why they were left in the middle of the street. there's -- they are still searching in walnut creek for smash-and-grab burglaries what. in macy's in walnut creek. it's a good day for the pope as he joins twitter. [ female announcer ] here's to a whole world
8:13 am
of happier holidays. time to enchant, delight and amaze. safeway will help you gather everyone round. a smoked, shank half ham is only 99 cents a pound. get breyer's ice cream for $2.88 and dessert will surely shine. make it a grand finale with starbucks just $6.99. turns out this season less is really so much more. so make your holiday merrier than ever before. safeway. ingredients for life.
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8:15 am
the united nations security council is holding an emergency meeting after north korea launched a long-range rocket. as alison burns reports, the u.n. is getting input from from several countries about how to respond. >> reporter: i just received a statement from the u.n. secretary-general saying he deplores north korea's rocket launch because it clearly violents security council demand. this is a live look at a webcast we're bringing in from
8:16 am
the united nations. the 15-member security counsel will be meeting behind closed doors to discuss north korea's latest provocation. the u.s. and its allies want tougher sanctions on north korea but without support from china, options could be limited. this is video from overnight of the celebrations in north korea after the successful rocket launch. many countries believe it is north korea's way of testing its long-range ballistic missile technology. of course, the united states is very concerned about north korea's weapons capabilities this year. robert gates said north korea was within five years of being able to strike the continental united states. the white house condemns the missil launch calling it a highly provocative act that could impact stability in the region. alison burns, ktvu channel 2
8:17 am
news. pope benedict really 16 is now part of the -- pope benedict is now part of the twitter nation. he already has more than 1 million followers who will read miss messages in english, arabic, polish and four other languages. 8:16. pavi shankar has died at the age of 92. boy. he was good. he was known as the good father the world music. in fact -- known as the godfather of world music. in fact, the beatles gave him that name. he continued to perform until last year, last thursday, he underwent surge heart surgery
8:18 am
-- heart surgery but did in the recover. walnut creek police are still searching for clues at the smash-and-grab grocery at the macy's store. police say the alarm went off at 3:15 a.m. but the police were not called until 4:28. police also says macy's still has not handed over surveillance video. a nearby jewelry storeowner says security patrols at the broadway plaza shopping center has to get better. >> they come here once an hour which is not enough, especially at night. he also says $10,000 in watches were stolen from his store just six months ago. a star of a & e's storage wars is suing the show, claiming the show is rigged. storage wars follows buyers who bid for a ban in storage lockers hoping to find hidden treasures inside. one of the buyers claims
8:19 am
producers planted valuable items inside some of the lockers to add more drama to the show. he claims producers fired him after he claimed about -- complained about the alleged practice and is now asking for $750,000 in damages. the sonoma county board of supervisors has rejected a proposal to repeal guidelines on growing and possessing medical mann. that proposal came about -- memorial marijuana. that proposal came about concerns about crime. the press democrat reports that the supervisors did decide to move forward crafting an ordinance that would prohibit growing marijuana in vacant buildings. supervisors voted to establish a working group to help the county shape its medical marijuana growing popsies -- policies. coming up at 8:34, brian flores will be live at concord
8:20 am
city hall with the apparent defeat for the medical medical growing marijuana -- medical marijuana growing operation. the dvd kiosk operator reds is box is launching a challenge to netflix and its streaming video dominance. later this month, red did box will start to offer an unlimit the streaming video plan. it will include movies from warner brothers as well as four nights as well as dvd -- as well as four nights of dvd rentals. netflix says. streaming plan is about $16 a month. speaking of streaming, you can watch all of our newscasts live with the new ktvu ipad
8:21 am
app. plus you will get drive-time traffic, bay area weather, and video of breaking news at any time anywhere. it's 8:20. a popular christmas toy is cooking up some controversy. why some of the world's top chefs are demanding a change for the e.z. bake oven. and look at the sky there we'll have a look at the weather and the roads are wet in some spots. it's chilly and steve paulson will be back. good morning. traffic on the san mateo bridge has recovered somewhat. but it's still kind of a tough drive. we'll tell you more about this -- straight ahead. [ singing christmas carols in background ]
8:22 am
8:23 am
aunt sally's singing again. it's a tradition, honey. [ singing christmas carols ] mmmm. [ female announcer ] make new traditions with pillsbury grands! cinnamon rolls. that's been wrapped in a flaky crust stuffed with a gooey center toasted up all golden brown then given a delicious design? a toaster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun.
8:24 am
nationwide is demanding jeper equality for a popular toy. it all started with a little boy asking for an ez bake oven. >> i'm cooking cookies. >> you are? that sounds fun. so tell me what do you want for christmas? >> i want a dinosaur ez bake oven. >> now, that's mckenna pope of new jersey. well, he actually shot this video of her little brother, gavin. she asked the hasbro toy company to make an ez bake oven for boys.
8:25 am
these people support her. >> i think everybody should be able to cook. i think the nongender is a great idea. >> i have a little son. i cook with mime every sunday. >> best of luck, hasbro, please make an ez bake for dudes. >> how about that,er tofully. >> we did -- how about that, tori? >> we did contact hasbro to get their comment. no reply yet. if you want more information. >> , go to and scroll down to the web links. 8:24. a tribute to the victims of 911 went up over ground zero. the giant pieces were made near
8:26 am
montreal and had been shipped in on a barge. the 1776-foot high rise is scheduled -- scheduled to open in 2014. it will be the tallest building in the western hemisphere. it's one of five new skyscrapers overlooking ground zero. want to check in with sal. and you are starting at 880, sal? >> we are. looking at that, tori. the sun has come out. the roads are a little bit better. but northbound 880 on the right you can see slow traffic drive up past the coliseum getting up to oakland, to a crowded bay bridge toll plaza. it's crowded there. it's better than it has been the last few days -- few days. no problems on the bridge. if you are driving in san jose, the traffic continues to be very slow on 101, especially after 880 in getting in mountain view and sunnyvale. look at all of the slow traffic here. it's still backed up from 92 to milpitas. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. very good morning.
8:27 am
partly sunny, partly cloudy. we have a couple of rainbow alerts by the coast and city. it will be a good day for that. you will get the sun, clouds and you will have some rain in there. not a lot of rain with this. you can see some scattered showers picking up. also, just off the san mateo coach and san francisco coast and i do think this pattern favors areas to the coast of the there was some decent rain for a little bit. it looks like that's winding down a little bit. 36 santa rosa. i tell you that cold air is on the way. we still have aways to go. it's all coming right down to the gulf of alaska. it will be a pattern here for a while. sun, cloud, showers and that wind is more out of the west- northwest. a very chilly pattern. we have to really keep an eye on things. lows are gonna be dropping in. they can change the forecast fast. through thursday, friday and then it looks like the system will clip us. >> all right. steve. thank you. getting ready because the biggest tides of the year are
8:28 am
coming our way. how high will they be? also why scientists want you to take pictures of it. a new born baby being treated a at hospital after being born on a san francisco street. we'll tell you who the mother went to for help and tell you about the two officers credited with saving that baby's life. and legal outdoor medical marijuana grows may be out the door here in concord. we'll tell you what happened at a city council meeting last night as "mornings on 2" continues.
8:29 am
8:30 am
:29. new this morning, san francisco police are investigating after a woman gave birth to a baby on a san francisco street just showers ago. cut's claudine wong has been on
8:31 am
this since 4:30. she's back now to tell us what the police are saying about all of this and how the mother was out there begging for help. >> reporter: the baby was born on a san francisco street and two police officers are credited to helping save a life. she went to a shelter in that neighborhood looking for help and the man explained -- and the man inside explained what happened. >> she was crying. looked like she was beaten up, covered in blood. said she just had a baby. i go for help and come back and that's when i call the police.
8:32 am
>> the woman was not with her baby when she went to knock on the gate of the shelter. there was a man half a block away trying to flag down a car on third street. >> he was trying to reach for help for oncoming cars. that's when the police had arrived. >> reporter: police confirm that they were flagged down after being called to the scone. they also confirmed that two officers drove that baby to sf general. a lot of questions surrounding the case. we don't know why the woman was on the street that morning and why she had to deliver her baby on the street. san francisco police will only tell me they are working on a statement right now and they expect to release more information sometime later today. live here in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news >> thank you, claudine. it is 8:31. public safety verses individual rights. a battle is brewing over legal
8:33 am
pot growing in contra costa county and it's pitting neighbor verses neighbor. brian flores is in concord where the city is on the verge of banning outdoor medical marijuana operations. good morning, brian. >> reporter: hey, good morning, tori. yeah, this issue has been a contentious one in the city of concord for a while now. but the city council is close to banning them completely. >> if you continue, i will declare you out of order. you've had your time. we understand your position and point. >> no, i continue think you -- i don't think you do. >> reporter: tensions were high last night as the concord city council unanimously voted to move the issue forward to the city attorney. this ordinance would ban illegal grows and force them inside instead but this has definitely polarized neighbors. some people say it should be moved inside because of the smell and it is a safety issue. and growers say that will make
8:34 am
the issue worse. >> by glowing it inside -- by growing it inside, you are inviting that person to break into your house and hurst your family. >> there's been some changes that we need to respond as elected officials and try to find the balance. >> and give him the opportunity to give -- >> reporter: now the issue now lies with the city's legal department who will draft legislation to limit growth from the inside of the primary residence and will only be enforced if a neighbor complains. we're live here in concord, brian flores, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:33. here is a knollup to a story we first -- followup to a story we first told but yesterday morning. morgan hill police were out checking out nine people were suspected patrol violations. this is part of a string of
8:35 am
investigations into burglaries in houses an cars. there are been 23 burglaries in the green leaf subdivision in the past month. well, the king tides, the biggest tides. year are expected to peak tomorrow all along the california coast. you can help track them. we can already see the impact of higher-than-normal tides in marin county. the high tide is not linked to climate change but local scientists say they can still learn something from it. >> it gives us a glimpse about what sea level rise is gonna look like in the future. >> now, the california king tide initiative want your help. they want you to take pictures of what's happening out there along the tides to give scientists a better idea of what the coast will look like if sea levels keep rising. some marin county tides will get about seven feet or higher, a foot higher than normal. on at -- at, you can find a link where you can share your photos with
8:36 am
scientists. look for web links under "today's hot topics." let's check in with sal. how are things going on the toll plaza? >> a little improvement. this may not look great to you but it is better than it has been here on this wednesday. it's about a 25 to 30-minute delay which is a lot better than the last few days. moving to the san mateo bridge. that's a different story. it has hot -- it has not been good since an earlier truck accident. the traffic is still pretty slow on that span and all the way across. san jose, 101, has been the busciest. it's backed up the most, by far -- busiest by far backed up, by
8:37 am
far. let's go to steve. 6 to 7 inches of snow -- was it alpine meadows? 6 to 10 at kirkwood. it's that powdery snow about 2 to 4 at lake level. that's what i've seen on twitter. the snow level is coming do you. it was too -- coming down. it was too high for too long. it's rotating around. i think marin, san francisco, south san francisco, things like -- it's like dipping a paintbrush. that's how it is popping up. they are increasing right around point reyes, bodega boy and picking up in the north bay as well. right along the coast. i think that's your bit of opportunity for rain and sure activity or maybe even some off the coast, maybe some thunderstorm activity picking up. some of that rotates right on it. it's one of those midwest days. wait five minutes, sun, cloud, showers. a little bit of rain.
8:38 am
belmont. redwood shores. close to sfo as well. burlingame. also san jose, things have been picking up. milpitas, san jose. campbell, mon tip ray highway as well pass looking at the web cameras, all have rain on the lens under cloudy and mostly cloudy skies. 36 santa rosa. 6 up in ukiah as well. also fog being reported. that cold air is working its way here. it may not arrive bottom out until tomorrow. morning or afternoon. there is a lot of cold air unstable arrow tating around. i've seen this pattern before. it's like you change your -- unstable rotating around. i've seen this pattern before. it's like you change it quickly. tomorrow makes me nervous, chilly, breezy. could be scattered showers. we get a break on friday. it looks like a system comes in
8:39 am
on late saturday night, early sunday. continuing coverage on the dadly shooting at a suburban portland mall, where a gunman opened fire on innocent people, killing at least two of them. nicole doll is live from portland with what you have learned this morning. good morning, nick comb. >> reporter: good morning -- good morning nicole. >> reporter: good morning. people tell us many, many witnesses, it appears that this man was just shooting people at random. now we hear from the sheriff that this gunman was trying to kill as many total strangers as he could. chaos, 10,000 shoppers at the cla ka mass -- clackamas town center, when a series of gunshots ring out. >> a tall, slender white guy, carrying an assault rifle. he had it clutched against his chest. he was holding it diagonally
8:40 am
and he was jogging through the store. once he moves no the public area -- we started hear, the gunshots. >> reporter: witnesses describe a young man wearing a jason style hockey mask and possible body armor walking into the macy's armed with an assault rifle. chilling cell phone captures the fear of one family as the shooter opens fire near the food court. >> my friend was on the ground, crawling toward the doors. i hear two more shoots. i heard this guy yell get on the ground, get on the ground a couple of times. >> i got up and i just started running. >> reporter: local law enforcement quickly mobilized and forced s.w.a.t. teams to search the mall for the neighborhood and evacuated store employees and shoppers. two were killed, and the gunman died with a -- from a self-
8:41 am
inflicted gunshot. they are notifying the families of those who dieed. >> these things are not supposed to happen. we train for them. we pray and hope they never happen. >> reporter: an afternoon of terror during what's supposed to be a season of peace. >> and of course, this morning, the big question that remains for everyone here is the motive in this case as you heard in our story. they have tentatively identified shooter. they've not released the information to us yet. we're hoping to get more information from law enforcement at a press conference in just a little over an hour from now as this community continues to grieve for those who died and bonder why someone would do something so horrific. back to you. >> any word on the condition of the young woman who was injured? >> reporter: we have good news. she's 15 years old, we're told, a portland teenager. she's in serious but stable condition. her family has requested privacy right now as they try to help her with her recovery. the names of those who died.
8:42 am
those people have not been released. those families are dealing with what happens mere. this city has joined others dealing with these kinds of shootings, especially christmastime, busy mall. and what's happened here is really reverberating around the country. what if it happens in your city? we'll continue to investigate. >> any idea when the mall to would reeven? >> reporter: the small mall sent out a statement extending their sympathies. they will remain closed today. this is a 1 million-plus square foot facility. it's a huge crime scene for investigators. there's surveillance cameras we're told that they hope will give them a piece-by-piece,
8:43 am
moment-by-moment picture of what happened here. he we know definitely the mall will be closed today. this is an important financial time for malls. it's two weeks before christmas. i'm sure it will be very sur rile for those who -- surreal for those who come back and shop. >> definitely. thank you. some back here some bay area courages are requiring -- counties are requiring healthcare work toes get -- workers to get a flu shot. officials hope that will protect vulnerable patients like the elderly and also people with weak immune systems. healthcare providers also urging families, to take advantage of the free flu shots for kids. the larry and lucy paige foundation is providing free
8:44 am
flu shots for those between 4 and 18. you can get them at the target locations, including the new store in san francisco. at our channel 2 website,, you can get more information, including locations of target stores and pharmacy hours. just scroll down until you get to the web links section. 8:43. was it justified? the attorney for the man accused of pushing another man to his death in the new york city subway system. he says there's an explanation for his client's actions. and the monkey's owner, what she's saying about the unusual pet that was wandering around the ikea parking lot. ,0
8:45 am
look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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stocks edging higher extending their winning trek has investors waiting for fuzz from the federal re serve. wall street is watching for developments from budget talks in washington. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is currently up 18. the nasdaq and s&p are also up slightly. today is the second day of a two-day policy meeting of the federal reserve. ben bernanke will announce results of the meeting before noon today. he's expected to announce the federal reserve will start a
8:48 am
new round of bond buying as it tries to support the tragic economic recovery. bernanke says it is not enough to keep the economy from going over the fiscal cliff but it could help cushion the fall. 8:47. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now -- look at this. a san jose man was arrested after his truck slammed into an apartment building early this morning and children were sleeping inside. luckily nobody was seriously hurt. the building was severely damaged. the 21-year-old was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. and the united states will be pushing for a united nations security council resolution condemning north korea for lunching that rocket. the u.s. believes north korea uses rocket line of -- launches like that to test its long- range missil technology. and house speaker john boehner this morning said he and president obama are still
8:49 am
far apart in the fiscal cliff negotiations. bohn erspoke last night with the president -- boehner spoke last night with the president. 8:48. the owner of a monkey found wounderring in an ikea parking lot in canada is fighting to get her pet back. she says she could be open to allowing the monkey to stay at a sanctuary if it is being treated well but she said she knows the monkey wants to be with her. >> no matter what anybody else says, i know --fy walk into the room, let him -- if i walk into the room, let him choose. police were called too a toronto ikea -- called to a tron co ikea store -- tron co ikea store -- toronto ikea store. pictures of this went viral on social media. the crab won'ts were tied
8:50 am
up -- boats were tied up at the boats were weeks after wholesalers dropped their price for fresh crab. before thanksgiving, brokers were paying $3 a pound. but after the holiday, they say demand fell so they lowered the price pie as much as 50 cents. the -- by as much as 50 cents. some of the captains out there expect to be back with a lot of fresh crab late tonight. also overnight -- also overnight, a car slammed into an oakland fewer hydrant. water shot high in the air as the driver sped away. the car headed toward jack london square but left that watery mess behind. the water kept shooting in the air for about 45 minutes until these firefighters came and shut the fire off. there was more violence in oakland overnight. three people were shot. one fatally. around 8:40. police rushed to the shooting
8:51 am
on hawkins drive. they found a man dead. police have not released his identity but called for a translator because the victim's family is asian. a few minutes after that shooting, a woman was wounded in the 900 block of 18th street in west oakland. she's listed in stable condition. and in north oakland, a man was shot in the 400 block of 60th street. police say the victim has been uncooperative. there are no arrests in any of these cases. 8:50. the lawyer for the man charged with pushing another man onto a new york subway track right in front of a train says his clients wednesday actions may have been justified. the lawyer for naeem davis say there's reports that the man who died smelled like alcohol and was staggering and following davis. >> lawyer says it appears that davis pushed the -- pushed the man to get away from him and
8:52 am
apparently pushed too hard and the man fell on the subway platform. davis is charged with second- degree murder. a mailman spotted a pipe bomb in the front yard of a house in oklahoma. that neighborhood was evacuated and the pipe bomb was disabled. but just a day earlier, police found and disabled two pipe bombs found under a truck at an oklahoma city trucking company. police don't believe the incidents are random but they are still investigating. $5,000 is peaking offered as a reward to catch the person who attacked a campus police officer at diablo county college. last week, officer gains was hit in the face by a metal object. she was taken to the hospital but later returned to the campus to find the attacker. police believe the attack was targeted and there's no suspects so far. la fayette repairs on the big sinkhole are expected to be finished weeks earlier than
8:53 am
expected. city officials have hired cc meyer yers from sacramento. they specialize in fast emergency repair work. now the crew has already started repair, the 15-foot hole which opened up on mountain view drive. the work may be finished as early as christmas day. and in daly city, residents who live near last month's water main break will get an update today on the cleanup and the repairs. now, that still at hillside park triggered a big mudslide. it buried about a dozen parked cars on the streets below. today, residents will be able to file claims against the city for damages caused by this. the repair costs are estimated to be about a million dollars. it's a new way to give gifts. just in time for christmas. how facebook friends can go online to spread holiday cheer. plus -- we're looking at your traffic this morning. there is a live picture around the toll plaza.
8:54 am
sal's coming back one more check on the roads. -what's up? i'm chris. -and i'm erik. both: we're the fruit guys! back in 1998, we had this idea to deliver fresh fruit to offices in downtown san francisco. we built these wooden crates, filled these with fruit in my one-bedroom apartment. the fruit guys has been with bank of america since they first started. we work with them to help them grow and succeed. we're coming up on 50 employees and delivering to thousands of companies every week. i would definitely say this is a fruitful business.
8:55 am
8:56 am
apple and samsung are scheduled in court this afternoon. a judge has revealed -- ruled some of the devices from the companies can be included in a patent infringement fight. they include two versions of samsung as-3 and the apple 5.
8:57 am
facebook has a new gift- giving application. it's called facebook gifts. the gifts are mainly about food, drinks and sweets. more than a dozen winemakers are offering wines on facebook. you can also make charitable contributions. all you need is facebook. you can search "gifts" in the facebook search bar or use your friend's time line where you will be directed to a gifts' button. today's date is kind of special, 12/12/12. events all over the world are marking this rare occasion. in san francisco at union square, yogi's poets and mystics will gather, the rolling stones and bruce string stein will perform -- springsteen will perform today. 12/12 p.m. and -- there will be a lot of people celebrating and a lot of
8:58 am
marriages happening today. >> that's right. all right. 8:57 sal you know what time it is when it comes to our commute. >> yes, i do. as a matter of fact, right now, traffic is moving along relatively well. so it's good traffic time. this the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that it's improved. it's only backed up to the 880 overcrossing. san francisco traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. in san jose, though, we still have slow traffic and some minor crashes on 280 and 101. let's go to steve. >> sun, clouds, showers, cool, cold, breezy, the highs in the 50s. one of those kind of patterns here. best opportunity for rainbow showers would be off the coast or along the coast. about the same thursday and friday. there could be a weak system late sunday or monday. >> you want tori to get the big coat coat -- get the big coat out? >> yes. >> that's our report. be sure to join us at noon for
8:59 am
more on the so-called king tides that will soon hit bay area beaches. we're always here for you at thank you for joining us.


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